Commercial Landscaping Project

As one of the leading commercial landscape companies in the Lancaster, PA area, we were contracted to develop outdoor meeting room areas and a central lounge to hold outdoor meetings and other company events for this client. The job consisted of hardscaping, landscaping, gazebo construction and a dog park with aluminum fence construction.
Castlerock Landscape & Lighting designed and developed the patio layout with landscaping detail. We also custom constructed meeting room dividers (which were also planter boxes) out of composite decking material and corrugated tin.
We began the process with the excavation of the topsoil and installing the drainable base stone for the pavers. We then laid the pavers over the base stone, and installed a Perma-edge concrete border to retain the pavers. With this project and many others, we utilize a paver jointing product called Easy Joint to fill in the joints between the pavers. We find this permeable product to be a best-in-class solution.

Commercial Landscape Project Materials

The pavers that we used were a combination of E.P. Henry and Techo-Bloc pavers. We utilized a permeable paver that allows the water to drain through the joints to the sub soil and perk into the ground, rather than runoff.
For this project, we used the Eco Cobble paver from E.P. Henry in pewter blend color. The other paver was from Techo-Bloc called Antika in shale grey.

Gazebo Installation + Dog Park

As a part of this commercial landscaping project, we constructed 4 metal gazebos for shade over the meeting areas as well as one for the dog park area. We also installed the dog park base stone with K-9 artificial grass and a surrounding aluminum fence.

Landscaping for Company Events 

We then finished with installing the landscaping, planter boxes and mulching the newly installed landscape beds. The client is very satisfied and uses the area for work meetings, company functions and events.
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